R.C. Sproul Jr Defender Admits He Was Wrong

It’s not everyday that a defender of RC Sproul Jr can admit that he was wrong. In fact it hasn’t hardly ever happened yet, at least that I know about. When it does happen it’s worth publicly noting.

Blogger Carson Allen is truly to be commended. Hopefully others will soon start following Carson’s noble example. Really, it’s not all that difficult. Just take a deep breath, gulp, and say, “I was wrong.”

I’ve posted several comments to Carson’s blog in the last few months, including a few which he’s either not seen or perhaps even ignored. A few days ago I posted this comment to his article, Presupositions Apologetics Is Biblical”:

Thanks for the article Carson. Glad to hear that you’re a presuppositional apologist. Me too. However presuppositions that are devoid of scriptural or factual support can quickly just turn into Jean Dixon-like prognostications. Take for example this presupposition: “Bottom line: The C.R.E.C. will exhonarate the defroked R.C. J.R. they will bring there plight before the reformed world for all to see and make a decision for themsleves. You must be willing to at least hear the other side of the story.” Well, actually that was a prediction. The presupposition on which it was based was “The charges against RC Sproul Jr are fraudulent and therefore he’s innocent.” That presupposition led you to make the prediction that the CREC would “exonerate” Sproul. But the CREC didn’t exonerate Sproul did they? We’ve all now heard “the other side of the story” and it’s a story that doesn’t seem to differ in any significant way from the RPCGA’s Declaratory Judgment.

So what went wrong Carson? Was your presupposition wrong? Or could it be that the presupposition was correct and the CREC acted contrary to it? Are you now prepared to abandon your presupposition and admit that you were wrong, or will you continue to argue that your presupposition is correct and everyone else is wrong?

Then today I received the following email from Carson:

Dear Vance

My presupposition was never that the accusations by the R.P.G.A. where fraudulent. Please consider the following.

1. I have only met R.C. J.R. once in my life. He came and spoke at a local Church in my Town in 2002. I still attend that church. I would have never found this Church had it not been for R.C.J.R. coming and speaking there. By the Grace of God I have formed many life long relationships with those of my church body.

2. I have no clue of what relay hapens at the Highlands Study Center or S.P.P.C. Obviously you do.

3. I just couldn’t Bare the thought that J.R. Would be such a tyrant that you and others accuse him of being. I have read all of his books, and the book “Bound for Glory” completely changed my life.

So if he is the tyrant that you say he is, I believe he needs to repent. He has caused me to stumble. I looked up to him, and I don’t even know him. I would love to have a cup of coffee with him one day and ask him some questions. I just wish he would publicly come forth and repent. I also believe it is unfair to use the tithes of s.p.p.c. to fund the Highlands Study Center without them knowing. If they want to then great, but if not, there is some explaining to do.

Be that as it may; I will no longer come to the aid of his defense, because I don’t know enough about him to do such.

Thank you and God Bless

Carson Allen

I emailed Carson back and said, “You’re a brave young man. It takes a big man to be able to admit that he was wrong. I commend you for that.”

It’s a pity that there aren’t more young men with Carson’s integrity. Carson probably has a good pastor/shepherd who’s a humble man that sets a good example for his flock. You can tell a lot about a pastor by the behavior of his flock. If a shepherd is humble, compassionate and caring generally his flock will be as well.

But if a shepherd is proud, self-righteous, and defensive with a big plank in his eye generally his flock will be as well. From everything I’ve heard of the foolish self-righteous defenses that have been thrown up by the followers of RC Sproul Jr it’s obvious that he and his followers fall into the latter category.

I’m much encouraged by Carson’s reversal. Now if we could only get Doug Wilson to admit that he’s all wrong about RC Sproul Jr. Okay now Doug, try this. Really, it’s not all that difficult. Just take a deep breath, gulp, and say, “I was wrong.”

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One Comment on “R.C. Sproul Jr Defender Admits He Was Wrong”

  1. vancetribe says:

    Michael Metzler has posted another great article on Pooh’s Think. This latest deals with the issue of self-deception. A must-read, especially for Doug Wilson and RC Sproul Jr and all their faithful followers.

    Our Natural Self-Deception Mechanisms

    At one time Michael Metzler himself was a Doug disciple. It took a long time but he finally snapped out of it. If he can do it there’s hope for everyone else too.

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